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Celergen Anti Aging Treatment

Youth and beauty are highly prized, but time can dull both. If you’re worried about your youthful appearance and vitality slipping away, Dr. Gerald Bittner offers Celergen Anti Aging Treatment, a uniquely formulated cell therapy for arresting the aging process and improving overall wellbeing.

With Celergen Anti Aging Treatment, what was once only available to guests of rejuvenation clinics in Switzerland, Germany, and elsewhere around Europe is now available in our San Jose dental office. But instead of using injections, Celergen Anti Aging Treatment comes in easy-to-swallow soft gel caps, making it even more convenient for you to turn the clock back on your appearance and your energy levels.

Celergen Anti Aging Treatment targets specific cells throughout the body to improve appearance and overall wellbeing.  But the revitalizing effects of Celergen Anti Aging Treatment don’t stop with your appearance. Other benefits of Celergen Anti Aging Treatment include:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Decreased chronic pain and inflammation
  • improved alertness and focus
  • increased libido
  • visible increase to the radiance and glow of the skin
  • improved mood and reduced need for anti-depressants
  • improved sleep

Celergen Anti Aging Treatment was developed with the input of aging experts from France, Germany, and Switzerland to yield results you and those around you will notice.

Do you wish you had more radiant skin and a younger appearance? Dr. Bittner would love to talk to you about how Celergen Anti Aging Treatment can help you improve your appearance and your sense of confidence. To reserve an appointment with us to talk about Celergen Anti Aging Treatment and how it can help, call our San Jose office for an appointment.

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