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Cosmetic Dentistry San Jose, CA

Make Your Smile Shine with Cosmetic Dentistry in San Jose

There are many personal and professional benefits to having beautiful teeth. A stunning smile enhances your attractiveness, implies your success, and helps you make a powerful impression on the people you come in contact with every day. But what if your teeth just aren’t living up to your desires? Do you find yourself constantly disappointed by what you see in the mirror and wish you could see white, straight, neatly aligned teeth shining back at you instead? It’s not as impossible a dream as it seems – in fact, it’s downright simple with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Here at our San Jose office, Dr. Gerald Bittner Jr. and his team provide an array of cosmetic dentistry services designed to brighten both your smile and your day.

A New Smile, A New You

Nearly every kind of flaw possible concerning the look of your teeth can be fixed seamlessly by cosmetic dentistry, from gaps to stains to cracks. We can even help you with broken or missing teeth – no issue is too big or too complicated for our team to solve. After being treated to the benefits of one or more of our cosmetic dentistry services, you’ll be sure to find that you just can’t stop smiling. Here are the cosmetic services we can offer you in our San Jose office:

  • Porcelain Veneers are natural-looking and extremely durable laminate that we can permanently bond to your teeth, covering up gaps, chips, unsightly stains, or even teeth that are just plain crooked. After just two appointments, you’ll be fitted with a new look that was tailor-made for your mouth. Learn more here.
  • Various teeth whitening methods are available. Day White and Nite White are both effective take-home kits that provide fast and noticeable results without disrupting your schedule.  You can also undergo Zoom! Whitening here in our San Jose office, a procedure that utilizes a light-activated bleaching gel in order to to give you stunningly white teeth in less than an hour. Learn more here.
  • To combat missing teeth, we can also provide you with dental implants, which will match the color of your natural teeth and blend in beautifully with your smile. Learn more here.

We can also provide you with tooth-colored fillings, bonding, dentures/partial dentures, or bridges. Dr. Bittner will be more than happy to discuss with you what procedure would best fit your unique needs during a consultation.

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