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Gendex Cone Beam 3D Imaging

The Power Of 3D

From extractions to endodontics, orthodontics to implants, 3D scans provide valuable information vital to diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment. With an automated 2D/3D sensor exchange, two sensors that rotate to capture both 3D and panoramic, clinicians merely press a button to switch from taking 3D images to 2D panoramic projections. There’s no need to remove the panoramic sensor.

  • Flexible 3D fields-of-views
  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • EasyPosition™ for dependable patient positioning
  • PerfectScout™ to acquire precise 3D scans
  • High resolution 3D acquisition mode
  • Award-winning SRT™ technology

The Power Of Flexibility

The GXDP-700 Series allows different types of imaging for a wide range of clinical situations, giving us the flexibility to capture the images necessary for the procedures we perform. From general preventative care to implants, extractions, root treatment, or orthodontics, this modular system can be upgraded to cephalometric, 3D SFOV (small field-of-view), or both. So not only do we have the choice of a full complement of 2D panoramic imaging, we have the freedom to expand.

We can adeptly move from 2D to 3D like never before! With the touchscreen panel, choosing from a variety of region-specific 2D scan options or selecting the location and size of 3D FOV is simple and convenient. The GXDP-700 offers 33 panoramic options which

The Power Of Repeatability

We understand the importance of providing a fast, simple and straightforward imaging solution for your team that delivers consistent images for us. With the GXDP-700 Series is — high-quality imaging results. images, easily and consistently. This type of repeatability gives us the power of confidence and you the power of diagnosis for your treatment.

“We have found that our patients appreciate that there are immediate benefits to them: fewer appointments, shorter appointments, less anesthesia, and better outcomes — and that is all driven by technology. When we can get a technology solution for our patients that gives a better clinical outcome everyone is happy,”
Dr. Bittner Jr.

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