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Lasers in Dentistry: Just Add Water!


I wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Bittner Jr. and his team of dental care support. After two years of checkups, Jewelissa, 5 years old, had been diagnosed with her first cavities. The pediatric dentist that had been treating her wanted to use traditional methods for fixing her cavities. This included a very frightening anesthetic and medications that would require her to in essence be "knocked out" so the repairs could be performed. I remember leaving the Pediatric Dentists' office with her in tears. She was very frightened and did not want to return.

We came to Dr. Bittner for a second opinion and found out that he has state of the art lasers and more modern equipment and that she would most likely not need any anesthetic for the repairs. That was the case. She had 2 large cavities and 4 small cavities that were repaired in 3 short visits with no anesthetic or Novocain. Dr. Bittner explained everything at her level and she left every visit pain free with balloons and gifts from the treasure chest. She actually looked forward to her dental visits. The other day I was watching over her while she was brushing her teeth and told her to brush more on her top teeth so she would not get any cavities and she said: "it is ok, Dr. Jerry can fix it and it doesn't even hurt." I explained that she was right, but our goal is to get zero cavities even though Dr. Jerry could fix them without medication or any pain.

Thanks for listening and for the excellent pain free dental treatments used at Dr. Bittner's dental office.

Dentistry is a field driven by technology. These innovations are continually improving the dental care patients receive. The Waterlase All-Tissue Dental Laser from BIOLASE is just such an improvement. The Waterlase YSGG technology uses a unique combination of laser energy and water to perform dental procedures without the use of a drill, and often without the need for local anesthetic.

The Waterlase can be used for decay removal, cavity preparation, root canal, bone procedures, recontouring (reshaping) of “gummy” smiles, general soft tissue procedures, and general dentistry.

The laser avoids the heat and vibration associated with conventional drills, often eliminating the need for shots of anesthesia. The Waterlase provides pinpoint accuracy, effectively performing procedures without damaging any surrounding tissue. The Waterlase has proven to be quite effective for many soft-tissue (gum) procedures, causing little or no bleeding. It has become a powerful tool in the fight against gum disease!

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