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Local Dentist is Co-Founder of Ground Breaking Mouth Rinse.

OraCare Mouthrinse San Jose, CAThere is a new mouth rinse being used by Dentists nationwide that has its roots right here in San Jose. The rinse, OraCare, contains active chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and biofilm in many industries and this rinse is designed to apply those successes to kill the microbes that cause gum disease, cavities, and the accumulation of plaque. The company, Dentist Select, that makes this rinse was co-founded by local dentist, Dr. Gerald Bittner Jr. and is located in New Jersey.

“The goal of our company is to raise the standard of care in dentistry and we hit a home run with our first product, OraCare,” said Dr. Bittner. “The active ingredient, Active Chlorine Dioxide, has been used for years in many industries including water purification and disinfecting wounds. We have now engineered a way to use it effectively in dentistry.”

OraCare is a unique two part system that is activated each time the patient uses it. Although it’s one of the best products available for bad breath, the health rinse is specifically formulated to kill the bacteria, viruses, fungi and bioflim that cause most oral diseases. Because it is professional strength, OraCare is only available through Dentists and is being sold throughout the US and Canada.

Dr. Gerald Bittner Jr, who has been in practice in San Jose for over 25 years, grew up San Jose. He has been interviewed many times in magazines, newspapers, and on radio and television regarding various subjects.

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