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Everyone knows what snoring sounds like, even if the bulk of your knowledge comes from movies or TV than real life. In those cases, though, snoring often comes off humorous, while in real life it can be a serious issue with serious consequences. Interrupted sleep can leave you feeling tired, stressed out, and moody. It can even affect short term memory and contribute accidents at work or behind the wheel, not to mention to cause conflict between you and your partner.

But with a Snore Guard from Dr. Bittner’s San Jose dental office, it’s possible for you and your partner to finally sleep through the night and feel alert during the day.

How Does Snore Guard Work?

Snore Guard is a comfortable, custom-made oral device that snoring patients wear while they sleep at night. It works by gentling repositioning the patient’s jaw and tongue, preventing both from falling back into the throat during sleep and restricting important airways. By keeping these airways open, snoring is prevented and patients as well as their partners can sleep quietly and soundly.

Want To Know More?

Dr. Bittner would be happy to explain more about the benefits of Snore Guard. Call our San Jose dental office today to schedule a consultation appointment with us. Dr. Bittner would be happy to answer any questions you might have and talk to you more about the benefits of using a Snore Guard while you sleep.

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